Defining Street Art with Gorey and the PAL Crew

Gorey & PAL Crew.

Parisian street art collective PAL – Peace And Love — are synonymous for its distinctive street-born aesthetics that stretches across a number of disciplines. Aptly using bold hues and impressionable lines in an array of stylistic hand styles, illustrations and graffiti throw-ups, PAL’s foray into street art extends from its Parisian roots in its latest showing at New York’s Klughaus Gallery. Titled “Palingenesis,” the exhibition transcended the group’s raw aptitude into gallery space; showcasing the artist’s sketchbooks, candid photography and most noticeably Gorey’s directional spray painting technique on the “House Island” mural. We got a chance to catch up with the group — consisting of Gorey, Horfe, Tomek, Saeyo, Mosa, Esso andSkub — who shared with us their own definitions of art, further comparing graffiti and street art in the respected settings of the gallery and the city landscape.

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by CopaSetic