Corporatocracy (2013)

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“Corporatocracy” is a is a term used to describe an economic and political system controlled by
corporations or corporate interests. Economist Jeffrey Sachs described the United States as a
corporatocracy in his book The Price of Civilization. He suggested that it arose from four trends:
weak national parties and strong political representation of individual districts, the large U.S.
military establishment after World War II, big corporate money financing election campaigns,
and globalization tilting the balance away from workers. – quoted from Wikipedia.
“For this design we developed a sense of patriotic visual language with the stripes and Fleur de
Le – a symbol often associated with our corporation as is the pigeon (our logo). The gas mask is
allegory and represents the protection or immunity from our own (hygienic dress league)
corporate actions.”
This work is located in Detroit.

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