FRESHWOUNDS is an online boutique for original, exclusively licensed, limited edition prints of street art photography. We are essentially art advisors who work extensively with street artists and market+distribute their art as large format prints and wall coverings.
All of the art work on this site is critically reviewed and individually hand selected. Each print is signed and numbered before being shipped.
We pride ourselves on being able to curate photographic prints of some of the most innovative street art found across the globe.
The Freshwounds program is in itself a journey to liaison a creative spectrum of art inspired by street precepts and urban expression.

At the center of the company is the founder,
Ferguson, whose background is digital brand
strategy. Accompanying the initiative is a team of 4 advisors, (A street
artist, graphic designer, photographer, and web developer)
who provide creative direction and
aesthetic recommendations for all art marketed by FRESHWOUNDS.

We remain hungry. Our thirst for the new, exciting, and inspiring is unquenchable.
If there’s anything you want to share, build with us , or inquire further about, please dont hesitate To contact us.

Our Process:
Provides and overview of our print process, and discusses the types of print styles available.

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Privacy Policy:
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