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London street artist Dale Grimshaw is one of the most respected figures in the UK art scene. His childhood based in a difficult and potentially violent environment greatly influenced his art. Grimshaw turned his nightmare into abstract reality through his riveting pieces. The way that the paint hits his canvas creates a violent movement. In addition, the bloody color palette he uses resembles a crime scene.

Indeed, it is this kind of emotional power in one of his paintings (a self-portrait) that brings us to his brilliant, visceral and original work. His portrait may have seemed imperious, but his eyes revealed a vulnerability, a tremendous humanity and soul.

Originally a street artist, Dale Grimshaw is now one of Britain’s most exciting and talented young artists, and last year, his one-man show Moreish was a hit with both public and critics. I contacted Dale to ask him more about his life, his work and how he started out.

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Dale had his first solo show, Echoes And Exorcisms, at Signal Gallery Hoxton, London in April 2008. This show was extremely successful and he rapidly became one of the leading up-and- coming artists in the London Urban Art scene. This led him to being invited to take part in a number of festivals across the UK including 2008 the Supercans Festival and also Upfest in Bristol in 2008 and 2009, where his outdoor work created quite a stir. More recently, he has re-emerged as a street artist with a series of striking and dramatic woodcuts prints that he has pasted up in London and Europe.

Dales’ next two solo shows ‘Heart In Darkness’ (2009) and ‘Arcana’ (2010) were both very well received, leading to a large amount of press coverage, including a thirty page feature in Mynameis magazine. His most recent solo show ‘Semi Detached’ at Signal Gallery saw a considerable progression in his style and technique, as well as being a very personal statement.

He has contributed works to several high profile charitable events, notably the Street Art awards where his work was chosen to feature in an article in The Independent newspaper and on the BBC. Dale’s work has been seen in a number of group shows internationally in Paris, Berlin and in the USA.

In 2012 Dale has been busy on a number of large scale projects as well as preparing for his recent solo show, ‘Moreish’ at Signal Gallery in November. This show was featured in a number of press outlets, including Juxtapoz, Arrested Motion and The Londonist. Outside he has been working on large pieces at Sun, Sea and Spray in Blackpool, at the Whitecross Street Party, at the Liquitex art event in West London and in Zetland House, Hoxton.

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