Basik was 12 when Graffiti began to first make an impression on him.  Very soon it became  one of the most important aspect of his life. Being a writer had been a way of life for him for more than 10 years, by the mid-nineties when  he had been named as one of the three most influential graffiti writers in Italy.

The passion for writing has lead him to spend endless hours sketching and passing many cold nights outside. The medium has driven his mission and certainly has had a big influence on the way he visualizes street art.

Basik has a singular style. Though often sparse in color, his murals don’t lack in detail.  The compositions seem extensively planned.  No component is set without intention as if its precise creation were some sort of ritual.  Basik’s extreme attention to line is rare in the aerosol can wielding medium.

After more than a decade as a graffiti writer, his art has progressively faded into more figurative concepts, supported by a broader selection of media.  Human and animal bodies, especially hands and weird face expressions, have captivated his audience. The subjects painted are often idealized and slightly surreal. Strokes become bones, while paint’s matter turns into flesh.

Basik states

“I love to make my works on useless and broken items. Painting becomes more intense and dramatic whilst the support gets a whole new dimension and dignity.

“I still keep on painting in the streets and abandoned places, although I don’t care that much about being considered as a street artist. I don’t care about definitions.”


Beautiful Decay

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