Zeser Releases his “Harbor Series” on Art Heist

Zeser Harbor Series

Zeser, one of Los Angeles’ most prolific and incessant graffiti artists, has recently released a set of paintings on Art Heist (www.artheist.com) titled, “Harbor Series”. This canvased collection of defined brushstrokes and gestural marks of orange, red, and black, some lines mimicking the spray can’s swirls and drips, demonstrates the dynamic blend of aesthetic, contemporary abstraction with an aggressive street attitude that emulates the artist’s compelling prowess.

In his early days, Zes got his start as a bus writer, always mindful of his artistic endeavors attracting gangsters, police, and even heroes taking their stance against illegal activity. Yet, despite the obstacles, he was set out to prove himself and create art in the neighborhood that isn’t gang graffiti for the kids to see. This dedicated dare-devil has bravely climbed freeway signs and scaled large buildings with powerful grace for decades, leaving his aerosol mark atop depth-defying heights like explorers conquering mountains. Zeser possesses a typographical versatility which boldly reflects the diversity of the city itself, earning him a membership to the illustrious MSK (Mad Society Kings) graffiti crew. Upon witnessing one of Zes’ extraordinary pieces, one could recognize the presence of a master badass and how his signature style transcends the streets.

ZES Promo from Ryan Correll on Vimeo.
Ever since 2012, he has added ink rollers of various sizes, acrylics and buff paint to his creative arsenal, producing works that consist of a spontaneous, felicitous use of texture and color. Clearly, Zeser brings the same energy and enthusiasm onto the canvas that is seen on LA rooftops. In the “Harbor Series”, through layers and pigments, you can decipher a complex dialogue being unravelling in front of you. He has also published a book, titled “Obscure”, with 121 pages composed of vivid black and white photography, giving readers a captivating look at the architecture, skylines, and birds-eye views perched above many stories that many will never see. This modern-day renaissance man continues to excel and exceed in any adventure he undertakes, no matter how dangerous the heights or stakes, his recalcitrant ambition enables him to soar with brush-stroked wings.


Check out more of his work here: @zesmsk

His Book Obscure here: http://zes1.com/


by Charles Keeranan

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