Notorious and Ubiquitous – Biggie Smalls Street Art Continues To Pop Up Everywhere

biggie smalls fumero at Musket Room

A month after the anniversary of his passing, street art featuring one of Hip Hop’s greatest emcees, Biggie Smalls (aka Notorious B.I.G.), is still popping-up everywhere. Two of the most notable artists producing the work are emerging street artists Fumero and Danielle Mastrion.

Fumero – who calls his style “Fumeroism”, just finished his Biggie Smalls mural for the Musket Room restaurant in New York.

biggie smalls fumero  at Musket Room

Biggie Smalls Street Art From Fumero

Quote from Fumero’s bio:

I strive to engage the public to look beyond the confines of their presubscribed notion of reality by employing the emotion created by the combination of the art elements with the emotional energy of the subject matter.  My color pallet is extensive and expressive.  I apply my colors with a spontaneous purpose to create motion among the myriad of vivid hues rendered in laborious detail developing numerous, multi-layered opaque and irregular flat shapes.  I see movement where there is none and this is evident with the parade of contrasting sizes of shapes of colors, which were once design patterns that filled “wild-style” letters and have over time, mutated to other subject matter such as the human figure.  My graphic approach to fine art is not only evident in my “logo-esque” manner of strategically choreographed colors, but also in the way I illustrate with a black, hard-edge contour, adding a more fluid exaggeration, emotion and movement to my shapes and forms, especially in regard to the human figure.  It is with these three aspects of color, line and form that my work intrigues the viewers’ interpretation and bewilders their senses while simultaneously fascinating them.

Danielle Mastrion is currently working on another mural for Biggie which will be located at Key Foods supermarket, where the musician worked as a teen under the name Christopher Wallace. In an interview with Vibe Danielle shared that the upcoming piece would take a different route in representing the rapper. The mural will represent B.I.G. as a child, before he spit his way into the rap history books. “This is about his roots and not the rap icon that he became,” she said. “It will be of him as a child sitting on the steps of his brownstone, like any other kid in the neighborhood.”

Danielle’s earlier mural of the rap icon was completed in 2012, and  is located along Troutman Street at Bushwick Five Points

Biggie Smalls mural by Danielle Mastrion

Biggie Smalls mural by Danielle Mastrion

Below is a gallery of some of the best Notorious B.I.G. street art found around the world.

Biggie Street Art

Picture 7 of 7

by Ferguson

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