NASTY NECKFACE Shows Us The Art Of Drinkin’ On The Job

New Image Art gallery presented DRINKIN ON THE JOB. Running from  August 22nd to September 13th  in the West Hollywood Area. New Image Gallery brought the filth and the scumbags to the area(Not in a bad way).

Globally known, NECKFACE took some time to invite us to the lecture part of his gallery. Rolling in on his skateboard, and his trusty 18 pack of Tecate beers, he strolls on in and immediately socializes with everyone. As he begins, he addresses each individual piece and the thought process that goes into the inspiration, which involves a lot of alcohol. Apparently the entire show, fueled by tequila mostly, and other substances, is filled with grotesque twisted images that can only come from drunken thoughts. As he goes on talking about each piece, he shares personal stories from his childhood to what he is up to now. The NECKFACE lecture was as interactive as entertaining. NeckFace exhibited alongside those considered most influential in American street culture in MOCA’s Art in the Streets exhibition. The event reintroduced the performer in NeckFace, whose portrayal of a down and out alley dweller brought him the first mention in the New York Times review of the graffiti and street art retrospective. His Halloween show openings have become notable charades celebrating the lurid and the ghastly, complete with a haunted house entrance staged along with his family. Check out the clip of the hectic opening night!'

by Alpha Intern

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