Matthewmaticus’ “The Job Will Not Save You” Might Actually Save You

Matthewmaticus‘ new album, “The Job Will Not Save You”, exemplifies the struggles and glories of life, love, and staying true through the process of becoming a certified, self-made man in a world full of perilous twists and turns.

“The title of the record is key to its main theme, which is a person struggling to find happiness and find joy within themselves rather than hoping for something extrinsic, and not derived  from their own efforts to bring them happiness.” The artist explains. “It (happiness) is not going to come from work, from something someone else does for you; you have to seek and manufacture happiness for yourself. You have to save yourself.”

Growing up in the small town in West Cleveland, where there was only one of everything (one traffic light, one bank, one restaurant, one bar, one gas station, etc.), Mathewmaticus offers a unique perspective which gives him the freedom to establish a specific, outsider narrative not normally observed in the hip-hop limelight. Laced with introspective and compelling lyrics, articulately executed by clever word play and cunning metaphors, and a diverse range of well-crafted, sampled beats; he pays homage to the golden age of hip-hop, with a touch of alternative, refreshing sound.

“Like any artist, my upbringing is a constant source of inspiration and ideas,” he stated. “Some of my first musical memories are riding in the car with my father as he played classic Motown, early rock and roll, and other classics of the 50’s and 60’s. It’s not a coincidence, then, that one of the songs on the record samples the Supremes version of the Isley Brothers classic, ‘This Old Heart of Mine’, because that song and other songs like it represent such important signposts in my musical memory.”

What makes this album so compelling is how well-balanced and splendidly composed it is. “Self-Control and Excess” rationalizes the enjoyment in financial earning/spending by taking care of family and community.

“Divorce Suite” represents a sweet love turned sour, not only do the words depict the story but also the beat, as it astutely compliments the drastic change of pace from a spellbinding relationship to a dysfunctional disaster.

Matthewmaticus integrated a team of producers, comprised of Cashous Clay, De Elusive, NewO The Kid, Sounds by COOP, and Odd Couple, to create this multifaceted album. Overall, “The Job Will Not Save You” consists of a great blend of songs that covers multiple topics, administering a diversified unity.

“I think that lyrically, in terms of beat selection, in terms of the synthesis of influences, and the songs themselves – I think it’s a very unique project that holds up well to what’s going on in hip-hop right now. I think it’s an album of substance without being some kind of corny, purist thing that so much underground is self-sabotaged by, and I think it’s commercial/relatable without pandering to what’s on the radio.”

Matthewmaticus delivers a strong debut with this album, establishing himself personally and lyrically. All the while effectuating a new and more profound alignment between hiphop and Northeast Ohio.

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by Charles Keeranan

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