Hueman x Cults

Hueman and Cults Crew teamed up recently to bring us this gem in our very own Culver City, CA. Located on la cienega ave and melvil, Hueman came out and embraced us with her beautiful artistic abilities. San Francisco Bay area bred, Los Angeles-based. Has been creating art of all kinds for as long as she can remember. Allison Torneros, aka HUEMAN, is a hybrid lowbrow artist with fine-art painterly skills. Bringing a femininity to a movement that at times can be juxtaposed to the gracefulness of her work. In the studio, she illuminates her striking, freestyle vision to canvas, and drawings on the human condition to create impressive mash-ups of the beautiful grotesque, and abstract form . Outside, when crushing walls, shoulder-to-shoulder with BIG TIME street art legends, she channels her alter-ego, Hueman, to break out of her creative shell along with the boxed boundaries of the canvas. In giving in to the call of freedom, Hueman says, “When I dare to go outside of my comfort zone I feel more human, and I hope to inspire others to do the same.”




Check out LA Canvas interview with HUEMAN.'

by Alpha Intern

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