“Understated” Our Year End Music Wrap-Up Collabo With Matthewmaticus

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*From the editor – Just in time for the new year Matthewmaticus stepped in with his year end music wrap-up. The man supersedes at cross genre appreciations, in-depth analysis, and an almost transcendental insight/foresight with regard to cultural impact. Not to mention his display of indomitable Mic skills reflected on a new album he dropped this year “The Job Will Not Save You” Check out his EOY wrap up “Understated”.

matthewmaticus: year-end music wrap-up

hello, i’m matthewmaticus. i wrote an article on this site this year. i make really good hiphop music which you can hear everywhere on the internet. i once tore my stitches open while riding my bike after an appendectomy. i do not believe in aliens or hell. apples.

i think about music a lot, and at the end of the yea r, i make lists of music. i do not do this because it’s important. lists about art are never important. i just do it because i am sentimental and i connect music to moments. these lists are how i remember. sometimes i look at lists from previous years. i will not tell you how many lists i have made. a girl never tells her age. i am a size 2, though. i was a size 0 before thanksgiving.

d’angelo made the best record this year and it’s not even close. d’angelo’s album is so phenomenal that, for about 8 hours, it had me convinced that i should stop making music because i cannot compete with its majesty. however, instead of quitting, i’ve simply decided to accept that d’angelo is on a different level of consciousness from the rest of us ordinary humans. d’angelo, prince, sly, miles, stevie, townes etc. don’t/didn’t perceive the world in the way that we do. they’re like scarlett johannson after she ate all that blue stuff in lucy. we’re the stupefied scientists in lab coats who just watch things explode.

d’angelo’s album is so perfectly mixed and arranged that i am sure that no mortal human did it. i think d keeps god on retainer to handle the final stages of his projects. this is why his albums take a while – god is busy doing a lot of other stuff. just ask all the experts on god. they be knowing.

if you are mad that i put a collection of songs by big sean 3rd which, in many ways, wasn’t even an ep, the internet must give you a headache. i thought big sean sucked, too. artists grow and change. i still think his older music is not so great. he probably found excalibur or made a faustian bargain. maybe he’s dating erykah badu. is jo-ann fabrics out of yarn?

fka twigs, vince staples and isaiah rashad gave me hope this year. spoon made a record and warmed my heart. nicki minaj made a solid album in spite of her incessant need to service sacrilegious booty cheese to radio. mac demarco smoked 347,862 cigarettes. freddie gibbs is still realer than you. i’m in love with the coco.

“i will never betray my heart”

Dangelo messiah image

20 albums (i heard) of the year (or that i liked the best):

01: d’angelo- black messiah

02: fka twigs- lp1

03: big sean – idfwu ‘ep’

04: shabazz palaces – lese majesty

05: isaiah rashad- the cilvia demo

06: madlib / freddie gibbs – cocaine pinata

07: flying lotus- you’re dead

08: mac demarco- salad days

09: vince staples- hell can wait ep

10: j. cole- 2014 forest hills drive

11: 2 chainz- freebase ep

12: the war on drugs- lost in the dream

13: ratking- so it goes

14: nicki minaj- the pinkprint

15: run the jewels- rtj2

16: schoolboy q- oxymoron

17: spoon- they want my soul

18: big k.r.i.t.- cadillactica

19: curren$y- the drive in theatre

20: lana del rey- ultraviolence

caribou our love album cover

six albums i wish i hadn’t missed this year:

caribou- our love

ariel pink- pom pom

real estate- atlas

parquet courts- sunbathing animal

lykke li- i never learn

the roots- …and then you shoot your cousin

cloud nothings

my local favorites from 2014:

cloud nothings- here and nowhere else

corey grand- bathed in light


my favorite songs of 2014 (in no real order)

“break the bank”: schoolboy q

“hi top whites”: curren$y

“lights on”: fka twigs

“heavenly father”: isaiah rashad ft. sza

“no role modelz”: j. cole

“blue suede”: vince staples (best song of 2014 in my view)

“coronus, the terminator”: flying lotus

“4th quarter”: big sean

“another life”: d’angelo

“how about now”: drake

matthewmaticus year end review my 3 favorite songs

my three favorite songs i recorded in 2014 (in no real order)

“neck to neck”

“no triangles”

“floating through space”


matthewmaticus is a cleveland, ohio hiphop musician. his newest project, the devil ish tape, is out now. you can learn more about his music at www.matthewmaticus.com. follow @matthewmaticus on twitter.

by Matthewmaticus

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