Why Is Street Artist BiP So Cagey About Giving Interviews ?

Street Art From BiP "Self Consuming Dave"


BiP ” Self Consuming Self – Dave”

BiP (Believe In People) has a new mural up in San Francisco. We shared an image of  it, originally posted by Brooklyn Street Art on our Facebook page. It started getting a bit more love than some of the other street art we posted last week. So, I decided to dig a little and find out more about this BiP guy and his amazing street art. Turns out, I have, and I ‘m sure you have as well see alot of his work on the streets in the past. He’s prolific. So below I’ve added a small gallery of his work (stuff from his site.). But even more enjoyably I will share with you his uber-cagey info page.

Right from BiP’s info page:


Can I meet up with you sometime?

Sorry, I still won’t meet my representative in person. Staying anonymous demands paranoia.

Why don’t you do interviews?

Don’t have much to say that wouldn’t look better on a wall.

Will you paint my wall?

Obvious security issues with that. But if it’s worth a small shot or part of a mural festival…talk to my representative at representative[at]BiPgraffiti.com

Can we hire you to work on our ad campaign/make a commercial for us?

No amount of money would make me consider that.

Why did you stop going by your full tag name?

BiP will always stand for what it stands for, but I’m a painter, not a poet.


As you can see, BiP is Dr. No about everything. But I respect it. He’s an artist protecting his craft, and wants others to respect it as well. Check out our top picks from his gallery below.


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Metro-North Train Line, WHL

by Ferguson

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