“SCRATCH” / ESM0A / El Segundo / June 6th Private Opening

Upon arriving, the atmosphere was vibrant. The space was full but not crowded. Expressions of excitement and wonder could be seen everywhere. Old friends and long time colleagues rejoiced while trading experiences and aspirations. This was a big step for a handful of Southern California’s most respected crews. All efforts toward the same message, every medium is interesting and that there are personalities worth attempting to understand.
An old tradition of sharing the environment was apparent, as the space was sectioned off. Within each area, different voices could tell the story of their lives. In a way, it would be easier to understand their process from one viewing than having it explained to you for days on end. Each panel a unique style, nobody could mistake this as anything less than a communal effort. Styles clashing and flowing like waves at sea. The contrast enables the eye to dance through the designs. Experienced is an understatement.

What this could mean for Graffiti. The shift in public opinion, which has been a media goat for ages, now seems to be the form of art that speaks directly to the generations. What was once a form of art synonymous with uneducated and primitive, is now regarded in the same vein as highbrow art. Old and new, this medium of application is accessible to viewers for multiple reasons. It brings back a nostalgic era that is deeply missed and sought after, while also evoking the imagination of the current age. Although this is a monumental art exhibit, it is also a great tool for artists in this genre to get the recognition and opportunities that they deserve.


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by CopaSetic

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