Argentina’s Fio Silva Is Spreading Her Love of Street Art Across The World


Fio Silva joined over 150 female street artists to transform the famous Banksy tunnel as part of the Worlds biggest all female street art festival. Such was the interest in her home country she was also invited for an audience with the Argentinian ambassador as the culmination of a whirlwind tour in which she left her mark on the city. All this prior to leaving in order to paint walls in Amsterdam, Barcelona and Milan.

Fio grew in up Hurlingham in the suburbs of Buenos Aires, an industrial neighbourhood with humble people. Growing up she describes it as a time of “cute and fun experiences”. It was here in Hurlingham where her love of art was also born although painting outside was a late response to a personal tragedy. Today though she says “it is what I love to do and what I need to do above all things.”

Fio Silva collaboration with Zedz in Italy

Fio Silva collaboration with Zedz in Italy
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Bologna, Italy – 4 March 2015 – collaboration with Zedz

Her inspirations she says, come from her relationships. Her family history and her neighbours “I think all the situations that I experienced were and are inspirations for what I do” says Fio. “There is no place that I love to paint more than the streets, I think it is the best place to express what I do, because it’s public and everyone has access to see what you do.”

In Argentina, as in much of South America, street art is a lot more ingrained in the culture. “The public space is open to all” explains Fio “both graffiti and urban art, many people go to work in the streets and most people accept it and like it”. Finding wall space is not an issue with people willing to offer up their walls and doors “it is socially accepted” she explains. Even to the point that many councils go some way to encouraging it with street art murals becoming a kind of mini-industry.

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