Colin Darke’s Memories Set To Watercolor Are Being Featured At Live Coal Gallery

Live Coal Gallery Memories Exhibition

Live Coal Gallery Memories Exhibition


Beginning February 20th, Live Coal Gallery will open their newest exhibit, titled “Memories.”. The theme of the exhibition is centered in the idea that memories “bring us joy; they bring us sorrow; they bring us to this moment.  A life-lived is a life where you take time to reflect on your memories.”

The gallery will feature the work of several artists including Freshwounds guest writer Colin Darke. We featured his insightful interview with Detroit street artists Hygienic Dress League last year, and are now excited to see how Colin’s own brilliant approach to art and watercolors has materialized.

He explains ,”I fell in love with watercolor painting in college–it was immediate, it captured light, and it was my diary for those emotionally charged days. Now almost fifteen years removed from those days, I am revisiting my love of painting in watercolor and its ability to seize the ephemeral glow of my memories.”

Detroit’s Live Coal Gallery is located on the first flat of a home in Woodbridge Neighborhood. Their mission “is to be a vibrant Detroit-based gallery and museum that fosters a passion for art, community, and learning.  Our focus is to collect, exhibit, and sell the works of aspiring, emerging, and established artists.”

The show will be a must see.

Download the press release here

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2 thoughts on “Colin Darke’s Memories Set To Watercolor Are Being Featured At Live Coal Gallery

    LCG says:

    Looking forward to the opening. Powerful work by amazing Detroit area artists. Colin Darke’s watercolors are quite bold. “Memories” will be a show to remember!

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