Björk “Lionsong” Video: A Stunning Glimpse Into Her Soul

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The brilliant marveler of sound and song, Björk, released the first music video from her immensely personal “Vulnicura” album for the track “Lionsong” on March 12th. The Icelandic artist collaborated with her longtime creative, directing pair, Inez & Vinoodh, to create a visually stunning representation of her personal battles with heartache and heartbreak.

Known for her extravagantly bold outfits, the music video features Björk in a black, fitted latex suit while dawning a vibrant mane which resembles a wonderfully abstract dandelion with tropical blue and yellow hues of a sea anemone. Perhaps a combined symbol of strength, vulnerability, and beauty. The seven-minute work of art also consists of her beating, erratic chest and colorful explosions of light like a lucid firework show. But mostly it centered around Björk‘s powerful performance filtered in both whimsical and dark overtones, the words spoken/sung from her soul. An astonishing, personal glimpse of her widely acclaimed album which was released back in mid-January.

Vulnicura (produced by Bjork and Arca) lets us into her own personal world for the first time, specifically covering the separation from her long-time partner, artist Matthew Barney. She also discusses being “her” again, something she felt she had forgotten through motherhood and trying to be the glue of the family. It’s evident that discussing the core themes of this album proves to be very difficult.

“It’s really hard for me to talk about it. It really is in the lyrics. I’ve never really done lyrics like this, because they’re so teenage, so simple. I wrote them really quickly. But I also spent a long time on them to get them just right.” Björk stated in a recent interview with Pitchfork.

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